Flare and Bare


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Body Waxing

From Toes to Brows, I offer it all! During a casual and quick consultation we will talk about exactly what you want and what the process entails. No surprises here! Just beautifully bare skin.

Female Services:

You have the option of leaving a strip or triangle on all bikini/brazilian options if removing it all isn't your thing!

Brazilian (Everything off the front and the crack in the back)- 

     $65 for First timers (Not Maintained) 

     $50 for Returning clients (Maintained)

Bikini Line- $40.

Areolas- $15.

Cheeks (Rear)- $20.

Full Legs- $75.

Half Legs- $55.

Full Arms- $55.

Half Arms- $35

The Pits (Yes, BOTH!)- $20.

Lip- $12.

Chin- $15.

Cheeks (Facial)- $15.

Sideburns- $10.

Full Face (Brow, Lip, Chin, and Cheeks)- $35

Male Services:

Chest- $50-$65.

Abdomen- $50-$65.

Shoulders- $30-$45

Back- $55-$65.

Unisex Services:

Nostrils- $10.

Eyebrow clean up- $15

Eyebrow Reshape- $20