Flare and Bare Wax

Inside the Chameleon Salon


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: A refundable 50% deposit is required before booking any service which makes our cancellation policy super easy! If you need to reschedule or cancel MORE than 24 hours before your appointment, your deposit can simply be forwarded onto a future appointment or refunded.  Need to cancel day of or last minute? No worries!! We will keep your deposit and you can rebook whenever you'd like! 


Q: How long will my wax last?

A: Most people find the best results with the least amount of pain right around the 4 week mark. Waxing every 4 weeks, especially at the beginning, will help your results last longer with less pain. 

Q: Can I still come in if I'm on my period.

A: Absolutely. I do ask that you wear a tampon during the service but aside from that its business as usual!! I will tell you it can be a bit more sensitive during that time though. I've had several clients that take an over the counter pain reducer before hand to help with the heightened sensitivity, I will leave that up to you though.

Q: Do I HAVE to remove all the hair?

A: Absolutely not. I'm here for YOU. If you want a strip or a triangle to remain, I'm happy to give you what you want!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: The most common question. The answer is YES. Duh! But its not as bad as The 40 Year old Virgin might make you think. I use a great wax that is wonderful on sensitive skin and will not remove skin like with many other waxes, causing more sensitivity. You wont leave my room in pain. It will be sensitive but not painful afterwards. This may last up to 2 days but its a very manageable sensitivity!

Q: What do I need to do afterwards?

A: With any wax, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!! There's no better way to ruin your freshly waxed self than to touch it and introduce bacteria while your pores are open and vulnerable to infection. These are the rules you must live by: for 48 hours, you need to refrain from Sex, swimming, excessive sweating or exertion, submerging it in water or extremely hot water. Pools and hot tubs are a HUGE no-no. I also ask you to consider throwing out that pretty little puffy bath loofa. Its harboring insane amounts of bacteria. Put those on your freshly waxed skin and you're asking for trouble! I suggest using an exfoliation washcloth, its the easiest to clean and the most effective. I did my part, now you do yours! Exfoliate and moisturize the area EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!  Especially if you are prone to ingrown hairs, this will dramatically improve your results!

Q: How do I reschedule?

A: Flare and Bare is a one woman show so it is EXTREMELY helpful if you book and rebook/cancel your own appointments, or book them when you are in the salon. After that, if you need to change it, find your confirmation email that was sent to you and click "VIEW APPOINTMENT DETAILS". From there it will give you the option to reschedule or cancel.

Q: Can you just squeeze me in somewhere??"

A: There isn't much of an opportunity to just move my schedule around to fit someone in.  I'm extremely flexible and will do what I can but I can't move someone else's appointment to fit you in. When I say I'm booked solid, that means that one client leaves and the other is typically waiting to be seen, leaving no room for a walk in or a last minute appointment. I'm more than happy to put you on a waiting list but there are no guarantees that anything will open up.