Flare and Bare Wax

Inside the Chameleon Salon


     First of all, If you've ever had a negative or uncomfortable waxing experience that has made you swear it off entirely, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!!! Brows too thin? Tender bits left raw or bruised? It isn't scary when you have a skilled specialist who takes their time to know their products inside and out. I use hard wax exclusively because trusting all your hairs to a total stranger can be scary, the least I can do is promise to make it as painless as humanly possible by using high end products and all the knowledge I have gained in my waxing career. One other thing I may mention, I began my waxing career specializing in intimate body waxing. I serve adult clientele which makes me feel comfortable being frank. The best way I know to introduce myself is to tell you Hi. I'm Cassandra and thats me over there on the table!
     I call my vagina my Ford pinto. I tell clients all the time, I neglect my self care like a mechanic neglects his own vehicle. My lil Pinto gets ignored because my clients are all rollin the Royce. You're Welcome!
     So, last night I outsourced Pinto maintenance, bit the bullet, and had the wonderful @hair_by_niki @chameleonsalon give me a long overdue tune-up. As ALWAYS in the Waxing Suite, There was an insane amount of laughter, lots of swearing, followed by more laughing, a few threats, and finally, a ton of gratitude. Listen. This isn't my most flattering angle and had I known there would be pictures I would have worn better socks, but ultimately I want everyone to know that waxing doesn't have to be awkward. Your body is NOT something to be ashamed of. Do I need to help Nicole move my stomach out of the way? Sometimes! Do I have to put my legs in weird places to give my waxer access to lil Pinto? Yep! But guess what? We know what to do in these situations because it's not rare. It's not weird. It's not gross. It's not embarrassing. EVER. Bodies are different and that's a good thing. As a female who sees an average of about 100 clients per month, I can tell you, male female or non binary, We ALL have things we don't like about our bodies but we don't talk about it. We should. We need to laugh at the things that embarrass us and Walk freely on the common ground we share. We should step outside of our comfort zones and expose the parts of us we are willing to expose because someone you care about could be scared to share their body. You could inspire them like all of the wonderfully beautiful and brave or just flat out shamelessly amazing clients in my life have inspired me. Don't want a brazilian wax but entertaining the idea of trusting someone with your brows? Come see me. Let's laugh about our "flaws". Lets Showcase all the beautiful assets you've been given, from head to toe!